Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The First Legal Basis of Special Education in the Philippines

One of the Philippine legislations that contribute to the development of the Special Education sector. The Presidential Decree No. 603: The Child and Youth Welfare Code of the Philippines (1974) included the CSNs (Children with Special Needs).

The Child and Youth Welfare Code of the Philippines (1974) addressed the needs of persons with disabilities.

Article 3. Every child has the right to a well-rounded development of his personality to the end that he may become a happy, useful and active member of society.

The gifted child shall be given opportunity and encouragement to develop his special talents.

The emotionally disturbed or socially maladjusted child shall be treated with sympathy and understanding, and shall be entitled to treatment and competent care.

The physically or mentally handicapped child shall be given the treatment, education and care required by his particular condition.

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